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Dental and Medical Insurance Billing Company for streamlined dental claims

Feb 10

Are you facing trouble with your dental and medical insurance billing for streamlined dental claims? Or are you having difficulty finding the experts and skilled medical insurance companies to take care of all the dental billing services? The best thing is to outsource your dental claims to a good medical insurance billing company. 

U Control Billing is one of the best outsourcing medical billing companies to take care of your dental claims and medical billing services. We have certified and skilled medical billing specialists who can help you with the latest billing strategies. We also provide excellent medical front office and billing services, such as front office management. We provide the latest medical billing modules with highly certified medical billing staff. Our medical billing company provides high-quality results with top-notch latest medical billing softwares faster and quickly. 

We offer Medical Insurance Billing Services

U Control Billing is the best medical billing company across the U.S, Hauppauge, NY. It's been a long time since we cater to medical billing services and clients' needs. You can outsource medical billing services, including dental claims because we provide error-free medical insurance billing services. Our prompt services take less time and quicker results; some of the primary key medical billing services we are offering, you can outsource from us:

Dental Insurance Verification

Our front office management is highly skillful and expert in providing the proper dental insurance verification services. Our services include patient scheduling, timely data entry, accurately determining patients' insurance eligibility, decreasing claim denial rates, and significantly increasing practice revenue. We provide the medical front office and billing with the most satisfaction rates. Moreover, we will ensure all the details of accurate dental insurance that the clients submit. We will confirm the correct information, which will help in error reduction, denials, and insurance rejections. We will handle all the circumstances with our medical billers. 

Furthermore, our robust Front Office Management services include:

Scheduling Patients

Entering Demographic Information

Insurance Verification

Answering Voicemails and Phone Calls

Manage Daily Tasks and Clinical Inbox

Managing Referrals and Authorizations

Posting Patient Payments

Appointment Reminder and Recalls

Preparing Monthly Reports

Maintaining PHI and Compliance with HIPAA Laws

  1. Demographics Entry of Dental Patient 

Our highly skilled staff will provide you with the proper dental patient demographics such as name, age, insurance details, insurance provider, etc. Our medical billing company will create and maintain the documentation of the patients so that it will enhance the clarity.

  1. Dental medical and coding Services

Our medical billing specialists team is experts in medical coding and billing. They provide the accurate dental coding of CPT codes, HCPCS systems, and ICD-10 codes. They want to keep up the medical billing services on the mark that claims will not be denied or rejected. Our medical billing services will ensure that there will be no errors in dental coding, and the dental claims won't get dismissed. 

  1. Dental Billing Charge Fee

We have highly skilled staff who will care for dental billing and all your requirements. We rechecked the information provided by the patients, and even it is related to the payments. We recheck and ensure the information before submitting the dental claims.

  1. Dental Claims Submission

When you choose any dental billing company for outsourcing, you should have assurance about submitting the dental claims timely. U Control Billing ensures that payment collection and cash flow are managed effectively, and it is the responsibility of the medical front office billing. 

  1. Dental AR Follow-up

Many customers lost their payments due to negligence and lack of follow-ups. Our medical billing specialists can take all your responsibility, including the dental AR (Account Receivables); they ensure that you receive payments on time and faster. 

  1. Dental Payment collection and Posting 

We will take care of all the dental payment postings with your requirements. We guarantee that dental payment posting will be on time with high revenues and no denials and rejected claims. We will ensure that our company promptly sends payments to the patients and customers. 

  1. Dental Denial claims inquiry

Our team at U Control Billing will handle all the dental denial analyses and resolve all the consequences. We identify the problems, correct the incorrect information and provide the solutions. It needs to track down and fix the denials to make high reimbursements quickly. 

Why Choose U Control Billing for Dental Medical Billing Services?

If you want to outsource dental billing services, U Control Billing is perfect for all of your requirements. Outsourcing dental billing to U Control Billing can provide plenty of advantages. Some of the benefits to choose us are listed below:

Flexible pricing strategies

Patient Data security

HIPAA Compliant Services

Error- Free dental billing


Best infrastructure

Certified medical billers and coders

Quick turnaround time

Scalable services

24/7 Customer Support


Faster turnaround & Increase cash flow

Software flexible & Accurate submission

Outsource Dental Billing Services to U Control Billing!

U Control Billing is one of the best medical billing companies across the United States. We provide high-quality dental billing services, and the medical billing specialists do our medical billing services with updated softwares and tools. We are delivering top-notch medical billing services nationwide. We have certified medical billers and coders who will take responsibility and handle all the medical billing services with care.  

Medical Billing is a smart way to bill your dental billing services. U Control Billing is a customer-centric approach, and customer care is the utmost priority. We deliver the best assistance with reliability and quality beyond the normal scope of a medical billing and coding service at one cost. We provide all data entry, claim submission, transmission services, and we also ensure the insurance companies carry the first time based on the individual carrier's requirements. Moreover, we are also concerned with the front office management, medical front office, and billing services. Similarly, with our Medical Coding Services, we effectively empower you to meet your organization's financial and compliance goals!

So, if you are looking for a trustworthy, cost-effective, and affordable medical billing company for dental billing services. Feel free to contact us and get in touch with us today if you have questions!